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What We're Listening to

We finished up another another set of Radio Shows on CD. They were pretty good. It was the History of Radio collection of "Great Suspense Radio Shows". There were 3 CDs with each having 2 episodes running about 1/2 hour each - including commercials.

Here are the classic programs we heard with the description from the back of the case

1. "Circumstantial Terror " Ronald Reagan
March 8, 1954: A man witnesses a crime and is ultimately blamed for it (29:27)

2. "Uncle Henry's Rosebush" Agnes Moorehead
June 29, 1943: Uncle Henry is missing (7:40)

3. "The Face is Familiar" Jack Benny
January 18, 1954: A man is tricked into robbing a bank (29:22)

4. "Woman in Red" Hans Conried
April 6, 1944: A murder is planned by a group of spies in Germany during World War II (28:28)

5. "The Name of the Beast" Vincent Price
April 11, 1946: An artist used his art to cover up a murder (28:28)

6. "The Signalman" Agnes Moorehead
March 23, 1953: A railroad station is haunted (28:07)


Quote for the Day

Stories make an impression on our minds and have the power to move our hearts.

Books we finished today

Old Boy - listed as a Graphic Novel/Manga/Crime. Published by Dark Horse

Project Arms #14

A new week and we are starting a new series for our 9 am audiobook hour. We're doing Radio Shows again. The series we chose to start is Great Dectective Radio Shows (part of The Golden Age of Radio Series)

It has 6 classic radio programs about 1/2 hour each so we should finish this by Wednesday at the latest.

The programs covered are
1. The Adventures of Sam Spade "The Hot Hundred Grand Caper" 29:32
2. Boston Blackie "The Star of the Nile" 28:52
3. Ellery Queen "One Diamond" 26:02
4. Gangbusters "The Cincinnati Narcotics Ring" 22:53
5. Richard Diamond "The Gray Man" 28:46
6. The Saint "Dossier on a Doggone Day" 29:17

I like that they include the original radio commercials. They are often my favorites.


Yesterday was a good day

More books were read and we just spent a day in the house being together. There was never any boredom (our family doesn't seem to know or recognize that term) and I think we'll start this week off refreshed and with our goals and plans firmly in place

Some of the other books read were

Project Arms #13 (a manga by Viz Media) and Banya: The explosive delivery man #4 (a Dark Horse Manhwa) and somewhere in there we were able to finish a Louis L'amour book on tape The Sacketts: Treasure Mountain. I found out after we finished that it was #11 in a series so I'll be online sometime today trying to see if I can get #1 on hold and start us off from the beginning.

I also have a Jet Magazine to read. We're a bit backed up on magazines.

What We're Reading

We're all feeling much better. Well the majority is feeling better. We still have one that seems to have an under the weather day. With that factor and the rain, we're looking at a home day. Luckily library day was yesterday. Two of us went to the huge Central Library yesterday (another made a visit to the Culver City library and the Mar Vista library) so we have lots of audiobooks and books. Looks like it will be a fun day.

What are reading?

Well so far, these are the books that have been cracked open:

Rebirth (Manga) #3

Rebirth (Manga) #4

as far as audiobooks

We just finished up listening to a Radio Program (which we started last night). I love that it includes the original commercials which are pure comedy, although I don't think they meant for it to be that way. It is for a Quaker Oats cereal and they actually have rifle shots in it and say "the only cereal shot from guns". You just know with today's political correctness climate that this commercial would never make it on the air. Anyway, The Radio Show we listened to was THE CHALLENGE OF THE YUKON/SGT. PRESTON OF THE YUKON. The set had 4 episodes on 2 CDs. Not sure what we'll listen to next since we have quite a bit to choose from.

Old Time Radio: Comedy & Laughter

Looks like we'll be finishing up this series tonight or tomorrow. I do wish they would have included some of the older commercials on them. It was nice that the case includes the day it aired (all of them from before I was born).

The programs included on this collection (with air dates) were

The Jack Benny Program 04/14/1946
The Burns & Allen Show 11/08/1945
The Abbot & Costello Show 04/25/1946
The Bickersons 03/30/1947
The Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy Show 06/11/1953
The Life of Riley 11/18/1949
Fibber McGee & molly 02/12/1952
The Great Gildersleeve 10/08/1947
Our Miss Brooks 05/05/1955
The Milton Berle Show 03/30/1948
Duffy's Tavern 01/05/1951
My Favorite Husband 02/24/1951

Time to hit the books!

Old Time Radio Comedy & Laughter

We picked up these audio cassettes from the library on Saturday. We started it yesterday but have decided to use it for our daily BOT hour. I actually liked the Jack Benny show segment and will see if I can get some more of those. There were 4 cassettes but I'm noticing that the 4th tape belonged to a different set. I'm going to see if we can finish this today so I can take it back to the library tomorrow.

We were also planning on listening to Cell by Stephen King but the track two is jumpy. I'm a bit bummed by that. My high school years were filled with Stephen King and I always look forward to sharing them with my family. I'm hoping we can just clean the CD but I'm not going to count on it

What We're Reading

Infinite Crisis has been finished but there is much more reading being done. I am glad that this is a family that can entertain themselves and never get bored.

Some of the current books/literature/readings/periodicals we have our noses buried in today are:

The Los Angeles Times - Sunday paper
Basic Connections - Making your Japanese Flow - Kakuko Shoji
Japanese Language in Use - Toshiko Yamaguchi
A People & A Nation
Top Secret Recipes Lite! - Todd Wilbur

The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas

Well we just finished up Volume 7 of these CD. Still taking it easy and slowly but surely feeling better. I hope to check out the other volumes from the library too. I really can't stop recommending the libraries enough. Free Entertainment. There were 10 CDs in the case and they each lasted about 30 minutes (5 tracks each with the 5th track being a advertisement)

The stories in this one:

Disc 1 Five Characters in Search of an Exit
Star: Jason Alexander
Disc 2 The Arrival
Star: Blair Underwood
Disc 3: Queen of the Nile
Star: Kate Jackson
Disc 4: I Dream of Genie
Star: Hal Sparks
Disc 5: It's a Good Life
Star: Mike Starr
Disc 6: The Masks
Star: Stan Freberg
Disc 7: Mr. Bevis
Star: Bruno Kirby
Disc 8: Showdown with Rance McGrew
Star: Chris McDonald
Disc 9: Ninety Years Without Slumbering
Star: Bill Erwin
Disc 10: The Old Man in the Cave
Star: Adam Baldwin

Each disc was hosted by Stacy Keach and the cast did a great job bringing the story to life.

Misc. on Left Behind

If you plan to do the Book On CDs, know that they are each a bit over 1 hour. I truly believe that it was well written to be thought provoking for both Christians and non-Christians.

Here is also the information from the back of the case:

Left Behind
A Novel of the Earth's Last Days
#1 in the Left Behind

What would happen if millions of people around the world suddenly disappeared one day? In this fascinating apocalyptic thriller, best-selling Christian inspirational authors LaHaye and Jenkins pool their considerable talents to answer that question. Narrator Richard Ferrone's unusually deep and hypnotic voice will keep you right in the middle of this not-unimaginable end of the world nightmare.

Pilot Rayford Steele is contemplating adultery with a young flight attendant when over 100 of his passengers simply vanish, leaving vacated clothes and bewildered companions. Rayford and the others left behind must deal with mass chaos on top of personal loss.

Among the passengers still left is star reporter Cameron "Buck" Williams, who just got the assignment of a lifetime: find out what happened and why. Theories abound, from Christian Rapture to alien abduction. Buck suspects secret meetings between international power brokers are somehow connected. And rising political icon Nicolae Carpathia seems to be at the center of it all.

Left Behind - We're Finished Vol. I

Last night we went ahead and listened to the last CD of the first book (CD #10). Most of it I remembered from our first go round but there was still some points that I overlooked or did not realize the importance of. I'm going online today to see if I can get #2 on hold. Until then we have many radio shows for our audio pleasure. Still have a bit of sickness in the house means that we're listening to a lot of them so I definitely need to get some more holds ready.

Twilight Zone Radio Dramas

We're still continuing with our Left Behind series (liking the new CD player). We've also started listening to the Twilight Zone Radio Dramas. We checked out volume 7 from the Los Angeles Public Library (I could spend hours there). There are 10 CDs in the case

Yesterday we listened to
#1: Five Characters in Search of an Exit (featuring Jason Alexander)
#2: The Arrival (featuring Blair Underwood)
#3: Queen of the Nile (featuring Kate Jackson)

I'm really enjoying them and will try to check out the other volumes as soon as I can)


Left Behind (update)

Our new CD/Cassette player arrived yesterday so we're starting back with our daily CD. I'll have to check the library records to make sure this isn't due soon. If so we'll double up. It's good to be back on track. Finishing up CD #6 today

What We're Reading

I admit so many of us can be caught reading/working on more than 1 book. Some are between books. Anyway, when asked here is what I found we're currently reading

Infinite Crisis - A Novel by Greg Cox
Marvelous World (Book One: The Marvelous Effect) - Troy Cle
A People & A Nation (Textbook but not assigned reading - we don't do assigned reading here)
Vibe magazine - January 2008 (a free subscription)

You know my days seem a bit off. Anyway, we're still loving and actually woke up listening to the tapes while we got ready for the day. I am definite we're finishing today

Tape 8 Episodes
Big Basketball Game 30:30
The Faculty Dance 30:45

Tape 9 Episodes
Cafeteria Revolt 30:47
Poetry Mixup 30:15

Tape 10
Clay City High Wants Miss Brooks 30:05
April Fools Day 30:15

3:44 pm - well we finished up the entire collection. I think I will see what other Radio Shows I can get from the library because these were a big hit. I'm actually going to miss the characters.

Our Miss Brooks Collection

Last night after LOST and ELI STONE we chose to do more of the tapes so we listened to #7. With only 10 in the set we're quickly coming to an end.

Tape 7
Stretch Snodgrass' Big Game 30:25
Le Frog 29:53

Our Miss Brooks Collection - 2/7/08

We're definitely hooked. We may just finish up the entire series today. The great thing is that episodes are short and we can listen while washing clothes, dishes, cooking, etc. Also, it is better than what is on television right now.

Our listening today:

Tape 3
The Model School Teacher 29:33
Sunnydale Finishing School 29:25

Tape 4
Old Clothes 29:47
The Heating System 30:12

Tape 5
Student Government Day 30:30
English Dept. Chief 30:06

Tape 6
Custodian of Student Funds 30:12
Stockroom Work 29:58

Brave Men in Desperate Times (The Lives of Civil War Soldiers) - John McKay

Our Miss Brooks Collection

Well our 2nd CD player only got through track 8 (out of 25) before it decided it would take a rest so we're sticking with the Our Miss Brooks radio shows. We're really enjoying it.

Yesterday we listened to Tape 2. The episodes were

The Workhouse (which I really thought would be Workhorse) 29:20
Babysitting for Three 29:40

Eve Arden is doing a great job. I'm loving the cast and the good, clean, but actually funny -

-Love2Read (who may have to change to Love2Listen)

We've changed our layout

How do you like the new look? Guess I was having a Winnie the Pooh moment and since I'm the one at the computer I get to make the change and hope others who contribute to this blog like it.


Left Behind

So far we're still on the first series. We finished the 5th CD yesterday. Unfortunately, our CD player seemed to be finish with us - no matter what it reads that there is "no disc" inside. I did get to order another one from Circuit City yesterday since I had a gift card. Fortunately this morning I did get notification that it has been shipped. That's great news since I don't want to mess up our routine and a portable one works for us since we can utilize it in various rooms. Hope to be able to get back to our routine by the end of the week.

One other option is another portable player we had but that one tends to be moody. Sometimes it just chooses to stop playing a CD after 3 or 4 tracks.

Last night we started listening to OUR MISS BROOKS COLLECTION. We are still listening to the Left Behind series too (finished 5th CD yesterday) but our CD player decided that it was ready to stop working so now we are listening to this cassette collection

I've never heard an Our Miss Brooks broadcast but I'm really enjoying it. It is nice hearing old radio shows because they also include the old commercials. I am not sure what search we did at the library to get this series but I am glad we did.

So far we've listened to 2 episodes - 1 last night and 1 this morning:

The Surprise Party 30:00
The Football Game 29:50


Our Picture of the Day

Can't think of anything more important to do today. Can you?

Literary Quote of the Day

What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Left Behind - status

Today we finished the 4th CD. We plan on listening to one CD a day (excluding weekends) I think it is a nice pace for us. There is still reading going on but this series we will listen to as a family.

I'm enjoying the story as much as I did the first time and it is also something that we can discuss later.

What We're Reading

Lately one author that has been read a lot is R. A. Salvatore. This past week alone two books were read (by one person) - Homeland and The Legacy. They were both part of the Legend of Drizzt series.

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