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Old Time Radio: Comedy & Laughter

Looks like we'll be finishing up this series tonight or tomorrow. I do wish they would have included some of the older commercials on them. It was nice that the case includes the day it aired (all of them from before I was born).

The programs included on this collection (with air dates) were

The Jack Benny Program 04/14/1946
The Burns & Allen Show 11/08/1945
The Abbot & Costello Show 04/25/1946
The Bickersons 03/30/1947
The Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy Show 06/11/1953
The Life of Riley 11/18/1949
Fibber McGee & molly 02/12/1952
The Great Gildersleeve 10/08/1947
Our Miss Brooks 05/05/1955
The Milton Berle Show 03/30/1948
Duffy's Tavern 01/05/1951
My Favorite Husband 02/24/1951


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