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The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas

Well we just finished up Volume 7 of these CD. Still taking it easy and slowly but surely feeling better. I hope to check out the other volumes from the library too. I really can't stop recommending the libraries enough. Free Entertainment. There were 10 CDs in the case and they each lasted about 30 minutes (5 tracks each with the 5th track being a advertisement)

The stories in this one:

Disc 1 Five Characters in Search of an Exit
Star: Jason Alexander
Disc 2 The Arrival
Star: Blair Underwood
Disc 3: Queen of the Nile
Star: Kate Jackson
Disc 4: I Dream of Genie
Star: Hal Sparks
Disc 5: It's a Good Life
Star: Mike Starr
Disc 6: The Masks
Star: Stan Freberg
Disc 7: Mr. Bevis
Star: Bruno Kirby
Disc 8: Showdown with Rance McGrew
Star: Chris McDonald
Disc 9: Ninety Years Without Slumbering
Star: Bill Erwin
Disc 10: The Old Man in the Cave
Star: Adam Baldwin

Each disc was hosted by Stacy Keach and the cast did a great job bringing the story to life.


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