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What We're Listening to

We finished up another another set of Radio Shows on CD. They were pretty good. It was the History of Radio collection of "Great Suspense Radio Shows". There were 3 CDs with each having 2 episodes running about 1/2 hour each - including commercials.

Here are the classic programs we heard with the description from the back of the case

1. "Circumstantial Terror " Ronald Reagan
March 8, 1954: A man witnesses a crime and is ultimately blamed for it (29:27)

2. "Uncle Henry's Rosebush" Agnes Moorehead
June 29, 1943: Uncle Henry is missing (7:40)

3. "The Face is Familiar" Jack Benny
January 18, 1954: A man is tricked into robbing a bank (29:22)

4. "Woman in Red" Hans Conried
April 6, 1944: A murder is planned by a group of spies in Germany during World War II (28:28)

5. "The Name of the Beast" Vincent Price
April 11, 1946: An artist used his art to cover up a murder (28:28)

6. "The Signalman" Agnes Moorehead
March 23, 1953: A railroad station is haunted (28:07)



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