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Great Detective Radio Shows (Book on CD)

A new week and we are starting a new series for our 9 am audiobook hour. We're doing Radio Shows again. The series we chose to start is Great Dectective Radio Shows (part of The Golden Age of Radio Series)

It has 6 classic radio programs about 1/2 hour each so we should finish this by Wednesday at the latest.

The programs covered are
1. The Adventures of Sam Spade "The Hot Hundred Grand Caper" 29:32
2. Boston Blackie "The Star of the Nile" 28:52
3. Ellery Queen "One Diamond" 26:02
4. Gangbusters "The Cincinnati Narcotics Ring" 22:53
5. Richard Diamond "The Gray Man" 28:46
6. The Saint "Dossier on a Doggone Day" 29:17

I like that they include the original radio commercials. They are often my favorites.



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