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What We're Reading

We're all feeling much better. Well the majority is feeling better. We still have one that seems to have an under the weather day. With that factor and the rain, we're looking at a home day. Luckily library day was yesterday. Two of us went to the huge Central Library yesterday (another made a visit to the Culver City library and the Mar Vista library) so we have lots of audiobooks and books. Looks like it will be a fun day.

What are reading?

Well so far, these are the books that have been cracked open:

Rebirth (Manga) #3

Rebirth (Manga) #4

as far as audiobooks

We just finished up listening to a Radio Program (which we started last night). I love that it includes the original commercials which are pure comedy, although I don't think they meant for it to be that way. It is for a Quaker Oats cereal and they actually have rifle shots in it and say "the only cereal shot from guns". You just know with today's political correctness climate that this commercial would never make it on the air. Anyway, The Radio Show we listened to was THE CHALLENGE OF THE YUKON/SGT. PRESTON OF THE YUKON. The set had 4 episodes on 2 CDs. Not sure what we'll listen to next since we have quite a bit to choose from.


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