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I finally did it - Left Behind Series

Well I finally feel like I am truly starting my quest to finish the entire Left Behind Series this year. I must admit I will mostly use audiobooks. I just finished putting a book on tape and a book on cd of the series on hold.

I'm not sure what area everyone is in but here in Los Angeles we have a huge library system. Two of them Los Angeles Public Library and County of Los Angeles Public Library lets you put holds online for free. They will mail, call or email you when the item comes in. This helps a lot when you don't have a lot of time to spend in the library or you have a bunch of little ones and don't want to spend all day there. Once the item comes in you usually have 10 days to pick the items up. We try to go once a week. It helps us have a schedule and we keep better track of our due dates since we know they will be due every ___day", etc.

Anyway, I can't say enough about utilizing your library system. If you haven't gone in a while - GO! Don't complain about what your library doesn't have if you aren't there to let them know what you need


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