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Neil Gaiman Interview

I found this interview at I've included the link so you can check it out for yourself.

Here is a very small snippet.

Did you offend any medieval literature experts with the adaptation of Beowulf?
Some were outraged before they saw it and wrote on the internet that they wouldn’t be going to see the film. Others were offended because our version of Denmark was supposedly too mountainous. They’ve also complained about Angelina Jolie’s high-heeled feet, as women didn’t have high-heeled feet in medieval times. To be fair, women have never had high-heeled feet; it was something the animators did as a weird doodle. At no point did I write ‘she has high-heeled feet’, but then I find myself having to explain she’s a shape-shifting monster who can have high-heeled feet if she wants them.

Why does the Angelina Jolie character look like Angelina Jolie but Beowulf doesn’t look like Ray Winstone?
You’ve just answered your own question. The performance capture effects work well because Beowulf ages 40 years over the course of the story, going from being a vigorous youth to a man in his 60s. Our original script had lots of swearing in it and the first day we met Ray, he said: ‘Great to meet you lads. You know what I love about this script? All the f***ing swearing.’


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