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More Radio Shows

This week we've been really busy. We've accomplished much but haven't found much time for blogging.

We were able to finish up another Radio Show series on CD. This one was Great Detective Radio Shows. I notice they did a lot of liquor and cigarette commercials in those days.

The 6 Classic Radio Programs included on the set we checked out from the library were
1. The Adventures of Sam Spade
2. Boston Blackie
3. Ellery Queen
4. Gangbusters
5. Richard Diamond
6. The Saint

We're currently listening to a new CD (while still reading up a storm). I've said it before but I am really glad my family is reconnecting with books/tapes/cd's this year. We also have two budding writers in the home and I hope to blog about their progress soon.



  1. FROMS said...
    it's not really showing a low level respect
    A Family/Group Member said...
    I guess a see grafitti differently.

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